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We Write You are a husband and wife team who have started a copywriting business. They we’re after a typographic logo of the words ‘We Write You’ in a tasteful, readable handwritten font with a little ink splash. They said they’d be using their logo mostly online (website, social media, emails etc), but also a little in print (e.g. business cards). Their main logo is black on white, but they also wanted a white on black, a black on transparent, and a white on transparent.

Here are some statements from their brand document to help you get a sense of who they are (we just love what they’ve written!) –
“We are unconventional, open-minded and inclusive. We value individuality over conformity, quality over quantity and people over business. We write heartfelt, quirky content that helps our clients connect with their clients, and expresses exactly who they are. When people engage with our brand, we want them to feel connected to us, inspired, entertained, and have a sense that we’re enjoying something they want to get in on. We want them to feel like we ‘get’ them, and feel free to be themselves in business. We don’t ever want people to feel bored, unimportant, misunderstood or mass-produced. The visual aesthetic for our online presence is clean and minimalist with lots of bright white space, and high-exposure, high-saturation photography providing pops of bold colour and personality.”

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